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Service Plans

Weddings in Vana'diel?

 At Vana'diel wedding ceremonies, two characters exchange vows of undying love.

Wedding services include:

Ceremony Time

Windurstan Style
  • Windurstian weddings are based on a traditional Tarutaru ceremony created by the first Star Sibyl. A Sibyl Celebrant presides over the ceremony in the Star Sibyl's place. This is an excellent choice for those who want a cheerful ceremony. The bride and groom must each prepare an offering of food beforehand.



San d'Orian Style
  • In a traditional San d'Orian wedding, the bridge and groom swear lifelong loyalty to each other before the goddess Altana. A Temple Knight presides over this solemn ceremony. The bride and groom must bring their weapons to the ceremony for their vows.


Bastokan Style
  • Registrars from the Department of Industry preside over these informal and relaxed ceremonies. The bridge, groom, and guests join in a toast with drinks provided by the president. 




Where to Apply

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 Wedding Expenses

 Wedding Ring Engraving

 Options (Wedding Dress)

 Examples:  Hume  |  Elvaan  |  Tarutaru  |  Mithra

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 The following services are not included:

Please refrain from the following:



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San d'Oria

Chateau d'Oraguille

Count Caffaule's Manor (Indoors)

Count Caffaule's Manor (Outdoors)


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Morhen Lighthouse


Port Bastok


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Acolyte Hostel





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Temple of the Goddess


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